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Image Labeler

Label ground truth in a collection of images


The Image Labeler app enables you to label ground truth data in a sequence of images. Use the app to interactively label rectangular regions of interest (ROIs) for object detection and pixels for semantic segmentation. The ROI labels define locations of objects in an image frame. The scene labels define and describe the labels pertaining to the entire image frame. You can use ROIs and pixel segmentation labels to mark objects, such as cars, pedestrians, and lane markers. Scene labels can be used to mark scene conditions, such as sunny or cloudy, or to mark events such as intersections. Use ROIs for object detection, pixel labels for semantic segmentation, and scene labels for image classification.

The app exports data as a groundTruth object. You can use the groundTruth object to Train an Object Detector from Ground Truth Data. You can also Create Automation Algorithm for Image Labeling.

You can define and execute custom label automation algorithms with the Image Labeler by creating an AutomationAlgorithm.

Open the Image Labeler App

  • MATLAB® Toolstrip: On the Apps tab, under Image Processing and Computer Vision, click the app icon.

  • MATLAB command prompt: Enter imageLabeler.

Programmatic Use

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imageLabeler opens the app, enabling you to label ground truth data in images.

imageLabeler(imageFolder) opens the app and loads all the images from the imageFolder.

imageLabeler(imgDatastore) opens the app and reads all of the images from an imageDatastore object.

imageLabeler(sessionFile) opens the app and loads a saved Image Labeler session, sessionFile. The sessionFile input contains the path and file name. The MAT-file that sessionFile points to contains the saved session.