Simulink Student Challenge 2013

Simulink Student Challenge Winners

MathWorks announces the winners of the 2013 Simulink Student Challenge. Congratulations and thanks to all the students who entered.

First Place


Daniel Wilson – University of Sydney

This really cool video shows how MATLAB and Simulink were used to model an aircraft via Model-Based Design and tune GNC algorithms offline. This process considerably speeds up the development and deployment of new guidance algorithms. Watch this video to see model-based design in action!

Second Place

Development of Arm Controller for Robotic Satellite Servicing

Kristina Monakhova- University of Buffalo

Using Simulink and SimMechanics this video shows how complex geometries can be imported and modeled in Simulink. Once imported, a controller was designed to manipulate an 11 DOF robotic arm from a joystick and “glove” controller. For a cool application in robotics, check out this video!

Third Place

Modeling a Ventilation System in Simulink

Chrysanthi-Sofia Koulani - Technical University of Denmark (DTU)

An interesting application of Simulink was used to model the dynamics of a ventilation system. It modeled the time-based response of ventilation dampers to feedback control on the pressure and airflow in a typical household ventilation system. See the video to learn more!