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High Speed Data Capture with USRP SDR Hardware


Learn how to use MATLAB with USRP SDR hardware for design exploration and testing of wireless systems in real time.  Baseband wireless design engineers face numerous challenges when working with off-the-shelf SDR platforms such as USRP for developing wireless system design as it requires complex hardware knowledge to truly take advantage of these devices by programming the FPGAs.

You will see how a new MATLAB addon allows baseband engineers to seamlessly interface MATLAB with USRP SDR hardware platform for:

  • Capturing real-time data at full bandwidth
  • Perform spectrum monitoring and preamble detection workflows to analyze and conditionally trigger over-the-air signal capture.

In this webinar, we will demonstrate how this addon product can be used to perform these tasks, and address the challenges faced by baseband wireless design engineers. 


  • Introducing Wireless Testbench™
  • Connect MATLAB to USRP SDR hardware
  • Capture over-the-air signal at full rate supported by Hardware directly from MATLAB
  • Use preamble detector to conditionally trigger the capture of signals directly on SDR hardware and transfer them to the host for analysis

Please allow approximately 45 minutes to attend the presentation and Q&A session. We will be recording this webinar, so if you can't make it for the live broadcast, register and we will send you a link to watch it on-demand.

About the Presenter

Vijayendra Kumar is the Product Manager for Wireless Testing and SDR focused connectivity products at MathWorks.

Product Focus

Connecting MATLAB to USRP SDR

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