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"Vector Arithmetic" Courseware

Course Materials Include:

Vector Arithmetic

This resource contains interactive live scripts introducing the fundamentals of vectors, such as vector magnitude and addition. The live scripts are motivated by an application: calculating the pitch and yaw of a cell phone using the built-in accelerometer and magnetometer. The live scripts are:

  • vectorBasics: teaches the basics of individual vectors, such as magnitude and orientation
  • vectorArithmetic: explores vector arithmetic, such as vector addition, scalar multiplication, dot product, and cross product

The supporting videos show how to collect accelerometer and/or magnetometer measurements in MATLAB Mobile. Students can use these videos or collect their own data with a mobile device.

These materials are designed to be flexible and easily modified to accommodate a variety of teaching and learning methods. Used in a sequence, the live scripts progressively add depth to the topic. However, each script can be adapted for standalone use. They include a brief background, interactive illustrations, tasks, reflection questions, application examples, and guided exercises for the different concepts explored.

Learning goals for the individual scripts can be found in the courseware description and readme document within the zip folder.

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