MATLAB and Simulink Training

Training at Your Facility

Let MathWorks training come to you. Available worldwide, onsite training is ideal for groups of engineers or those who need customized instruction on MathWorks products. To maximize your productivity with the tools, instructors can tailor the curriculum with company-specific or industry-specific examples, and address challenges and process issues familiar to attendees from your organization. Topics include:

  • Managing large models in Simulink
  • Testing Simulink models
  • Generating C code from MATLAB
  • Developing financial applications with MATLAB and Financial Instruments Toolbox
  • Creating documents from Simulink models
  • Calibrating complex powertrain systems
  • Modeling and simulating power electronics
  • Generating C or HDL code from Simulink models
  • Linking requirements and testing Simulink models
  • Developing embedded targets
  • Proving the absence of run-time errors within C code

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Training Course Catalog

Improve Team Efficiency and Productivity

The cost of engineers learning on their own can quickly exceed the cost of a class. Develop your team, increase engagement, and drive results by investing in MathWorks training.