Video and Webinar Series

Integrating MATLAB and C/C++

While MATLAB® is widely used during the research phase to prototype algorithms, most product development teams are not familiar with many of the benefits MATLAB can offer for C/C++ development. This video series demonstrates how product development teams can use MATLAB to enhance their software development workflows. By integrating MATLAB into the software development process, developers can visualize, verify, and prototype functionality natively from environments like Visual Studio and Eclipse. In addition, MATLAB can integrate existing C/C++ code for simulations and generate C/C++ code for prototyping and design. This capability enables developers to maximize reuse and minimize risks as designs transition from research to development and to help with next generation designs.

Introduction Learn how MATLAB can help to accelerate product development workflows.

Visualizing and Testing C/C++ Code Visualize and verify code optimizations using MATLAB as a testing framework. Connect MATLAB to environments like Visual Studio and Eclipse to help with debugging C/C++ code.

Using C/C++ Code with MATLAB MATLAB can integrate existing C/C++ code to perform simulations and prototypes that leverage existing code investments.

C/C++ Code Generation and Integration Use MATLAB when developing new algorithms to generate C/C++ code that integrates and leverages existing code bases.

Fixed-Point Designer Convert floating point to fixed point code with MATLAB . Use special data types and tools to determine correct types and word lengths to meet numerical accuracy requirements and target hardware constraints.