Video and Webinar Series

Understanding Wavelets

Watch the videos in this series to learn the basics behind applications such as wavelet-based denoising and compression. You will learn fundamental concepts in wavelet analysis such as what wavelets are and how to scale and shift them. You will get an overview of the continuous and discrete wavelet transforms, and you will also see example applications of how to use these transforms in MATLAB®.

What Are Wavelets Explore the fundamental concepts of wavelet transforms in this introductory MATLAB Tech Talk by Kirthi Devleker.

Types of Wavelet Transforms Learn more about the continuous wavelet transform and the discrete wavelet transform in this MATLAB Tech Talk by Kirthi Devleker.

An Example Application of the Discrete Wavelet Transform Learn how to use to wavelets to denoise a signal while preserving its sharp features in this MATLAB Tech Talk by Kirthi Devleker.

An Example application of Continuous Wavelet Transform Explore a practical application of using continuous wavelet transforms in this MATLAB Tech Talk by Kirthi Devleker.

Machine Learning and Deep Learning with Wavelet Scattering Use a wavelet scattering technique to automatically obtain features from signals and images for training machine learning or deep learning algorithms. This video covers wavelet scattering for signals, but the same concepts can be extended to images.