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Model and simulate automotive powertrain systems

Powertrain Blockset™ provides preassembled automotive vehicle reference applications for gasoline, diesel, hybrid, fuel cell, and battery electric propulsion systems. The blockset includes a component library for engines, traction motors, batteries, transmissions, tires, and driver models, as well as component and supervisory controllers.

Powertrain Blockset offers the Virtual Vehicle Composer app for configuring and parameterizing models, as well as prebuilt workflows for resizing components, calibrating models from data, optimizing shift schedules, and generating deep learning dynamic plant and state estimators. You can use these models for design tradeoff analysis and component sizing, control parameter optimization, and hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) testing. The models are open, so you can incorporate your own subsystems and customize them as needed.

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Powertrain Blockset Overview
Learn about Powertrain Blockset capabilities, including modeling powertrain systems and performing system design tradeoff studies.