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Code Generation

Generate AUTOSAR-compliant C++ code and XML descriptions for production integration; build Linux® executables or libraries for testing

After creating and developing a Simulink® representation of an AUTOSAR adaptive software component, generate code for testing or for integration into the AUTOSAR run-time environment. AUTOSAR code generation requires Simulink Coder™ and Embedded Coder®.

From an adaptive model, you can build a Linux executable or library. For Linux testing, you can configure run-time calibration, measurement, and logging.


coder.asap2.exportGenerate ASAP2 (A2L) file according to ASAM MCD-2 MC standards (Since R2021a)
createManifestCreate manifest file for AUTOSAR adaptive model (Since R2021a)
getClassNameGet class name of model (Since R2021a)
setClassNameSet class name of model (Since R2021b)
getClassNamespaceGet class namespace for a model (Since R2021a)
setClassNamespaceSet class namespace of model (Since R2021b)