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Join two sequences to produce shortest supersequence


SeqNT3 = joinseq(SeqNT1, SeqNT2)


SeqNT1, SeqNT2Nucleotide sequences. Enter a character vector or string for each sequence.


SeqNT3 = joinseq(SeqNT1, SeqNT2) creates a new sequence that is the shortest supersequence of SeqNT1 and SeqNT2. If there is no overlap between the sequences, then SeqNT2 is concatenated to the end of SeqNT1. If the length of the overlap is the same at both ends of the sequence, then the overlap at the end of SeqNT1 and the start of SeqNT2 is used to join the sequences.

If SeqNT1 is a subsequence of SeqNT2, then SeqNT2 is returned as the shortest supersequence and vice versa.


Join two sequences that contain an overlap.

seq1 = 'ACGTAAA';
seq2 = 'AAATGCA';
joined = joinseq(seq1,seq2)

joined =

Version History

Introduced before R2006a

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