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System object: comm.WINNER2Channel
Package: comm

Display information about WINNER2Channel object

Download Required: To use info, first download the WINNER II Channel Model for Communications Toolbox add-on.


s = info(obj)


s = info(obj) returns a structure containing information about the Winner2Channel System object™ characteristics. The information structure contains:

  • Numlinks - Number of links in the system

  • NumBSElements - Number of transmit antennas at the BS for each link

  • NumMSElements - Number of receive antennas at the MS for each link

  • NumPaths - Number of delay paths for each link

  • SampleRate - Sample rate for each link

  • ChannelFilterDelay - Channel filter delay per link, measured in samples

  • NumSamplesProcessed - Number of samples the channel has processed since the last reset

Introduced in R2016b