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Run Standalone MATLAB MapReduce Applications Against a Hadoop Cluster

Create a standalone MATLAB® mapreduce application, and execute it against a Hadoop® cluster

A standalone MATLAB mapreduce application is a self-contained application encompassing all the necessary components for independent execution against a Hadoop cluster. It contains a:

  • mapper function (one or more) written in MATLAB.

  • reducer function written in MATLAB.

  • MATLAB application script or function invoking the mapper and reducer functions.

All components are packaged into a single standalone application to be executed against a Hadoop cluster. Standalone applications can be packaged using the Application Compiler app or from the MATLAB command prompt using the mcc command.

For more information, see Workflow to Run Compiled Standalone Applications Against a Hadoop Cluster.


deploytoolCompile and package functions for external deployment
mccCompile MATLAB functions for deployment
mapreduceProgramming technique for analyzing data sets that do not fit in memory
mapreducerDefine deployed execution for mapreduce


matlab.mapreduce.DeployHadoopMapReducerConfigure a MapReduce application for deployment against Hadoop


Workflow to Run Compiled Standalone Applications Against a Hadoop Cluster

Instructions on how to create a compiled standalone application and run it against a Hadoop cluster.


Example on Running a Standalone MATLAB MapReduce Application

Create a standalone MATLAB MapReduce application using the mcc command, and run it against a Hadoop cluster.

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