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Compilation Failures

You typically compile your MATLAB® code on a development machine, test the resulting executable on that machine, and deploy the executable and MATLAB Runtime to a test or customer machine without MATLAB. The compilation process performs dependency analysis on your MATLAB code, creates an encrypted archive of your code and required toolbox code, generates wrapper code, and compiles the wrapper code into an executable. If your application fails to build an executable, the following questions may help you isolate the problem.

 Is your installed compiler supported by MATLAB Compiler SDK?

 Are you compiling within or outside of MATLAB?

 Have you tried to compile any of the C/C++ examples in MATLAB Compiler SDK help?

 Is your MATLAB object failing to load?

 If you are compiling a driver application, are you using mbuild?

 Are you trying to compile your driver application using Microsoft Visual Studio or another IDE?

 Are you importing the correct versions of import libraries?

 Are you able to compile the matrixdriver example?

 Do you get the MATLAB:I18n:InconsistentLocale Warning?