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Test if code is running during compilation process (using mcc)


x = ismcc


x = ismcc returns true when the function is being executed by mcc dependency checker and false otherwise.

When this function is executed by the compilation process started by mcc, it will return true. This function will return false when executed within MATLAB® as well as in deployed mode. To test for deployed mode execution, use isdeployed. This function should be used to guard code in matlabrc, or hgrc (or any function called within them, for example startup.m in the example on this page), from being executed by MATLAB Compiler™ (mcc) or MATLAB Compiler SDK™.

In a typical example, a user has ADDPATH calls in their MATLAB code. These can be guarded from executing using ismcc during the compilation process and isdeployed for the deployed application as shown in the example on this page.


`% startup.m
    if ~(ismcc || isdeployed)

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