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通过将 Audio Toolbox™ 与 Deep Learning Toolbox™ 结合使用,将深度学习应用于音频和语音处理应用。有关信号处理应用,请参阅深度学习在信号处理领域的应用。有关无线通信中的应用,请参阅使用深度学习的无线通信


音频标注器Define and visualize ground-truth labels


ivectorSystemCreate i-vector system
crepeCREPE neural network
crepePreprocessPreprocess audio for CREPE deep learning network
crepePostprocessPostprocess output of CREPE deep learning network
pitchnnEstimate pitch with deep learning neural network
openl3OpenL3 neural network
openl3PreprocessPreprocess audio for OpenL3 feature extraction
openl3FeaturesExtract OpenL3 features
audioDatastoreDatastore for collection of audio files
audioDataAugmenterAugment audio data
audioFeatureExtractorStreamline audio feature extraction
vggishPreprocessPreprocess audio for VGGish feature extraction
vggishFeaturesExtract VGGish features
vggishVGGish neural network
yamnetYAMNet neural network
yamnetPreprocessPreprocess audio for YAMNet classification
yamnetGraphGraph of YAMNet AudioSet ontology
classifySoundClassify sounds in audio signal


Introduction to Deep Learning for Audio Applications (Audio Toolbox)

Learn common tools and workflows to apply deep learning to audio applications.

Classify Sound Using Deep Learning (Audio Toolbox)

Train, validate, and test a simple long short-term memory (LSTM) to classify sounds.

Transfer Learning with Pretrained Audio Networks (Audio Toolbox)

Use transfer learning to retrain YAMNet, a pretrained convolutional neural network (CNN), to classify a new set of audio signals.

Speaker Identification Using Custom SincNet Layer and Deep Learning (Audio Toolbox)

Perform speech recognition using a custom deep learning layer that implements a mel-scale filter bank.

Dereverberate Speech Using Deep Learning Networks (Audio Toolbox)

Train a deep learning model that removes reverberation from speech.

Speech Command Recognition in Simulink (Audio Toolbox)

Detect the presence of speech commands in audio using a Simulink® model.