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Acquiring from Color and Depth Devices Simultaneously

You can synchronize the data from the Kinect® for Windows® color stream and the depth stream using software manual triggering.

This synchronization method example triggers both objects manually.

  1. Create the objects for the color and depth sensors. Device 1 is the color sensor and Device 2 is the depth sensor.

    vid = videoinput('kinect',1);
    vid2 = videoinput('kinect',2);
  2. Get the source properties for the depth device.

    srcDepth = getselectedsource(vid2);
  3. Set the frames per trigger for both devices to 1.

    vid.FramesPerTrigger = 1;
    vid2.FramesPerTrigger = 1;
  4. Set the trigger repeat for both devices to 200, in order to acquire 201 frames from both the color sensor and the depth sensor.

    vid.TriggerRepeat = 200;
    vid2.TriggerRepeat = 200;
  5. Configure the camera for manual triggering for both sensors.

    triggerconfig([vid vid2],'manual');
  6. Start both video objects.

    start([vid vid2]);
  7. Trigger the devices, then get the acquired data.

    % Trigger 200 times to get the frames.
    for i = 1:201
        % Trigger both objects.
        trigger([vid vid2])
        % Get the acquired frames and metadata.
        [imgColor, ts_color, metaData_Color] = getdata(vid);
        [imgDepth, ts_depth, metaData_Depth] = getdata(vid2);