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Acquisition Using Kinect for Windows Hardware

Acquire image and skeletal data from Kinect® for Windows®

The Image Acquisition Toolbox™ Support Package for Kinect For Windows Sensor enables you to acquire image sensor data directly into MATLAB® and Simulink®. You can acquire images using a Kinect for Windows V1 or V2 device. The Kinect V1 sensor runs on Windows 7 and above, and the Kinect V2 Sensor runs on Windows 8 and above.

Note: The functionality for all supported hardware is now available via the Support Package Installer. Starting with R2014a, each adaptor is available separately through the Support Package Installer, and you must install the appropriate support packages to use the toolbox with your hardware. For more information, see Image Acquisition Support Packages for Hardware Adaptors.


imaqhwinfoInformation about available image acquisition hardware
videoinputCreate video input object
imaq.VideoDeviceAcquire one frame at a time from video device
getselectedsourceReturn currently selected video source object
previewPreview of live video data
closepreviewClose Video Preview window


Setup and Configuration

Acquire Images with Kinect V2

Acquire Images with Kinect V1


Kinect for Windows Hardware

Try these tips if you have problems using the toolbox with the Kinect for Windows sensor.