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Sequence of image frames as montage


imaqmontage(..., 'CLim', CLIM, 'Parent', PARENT)
h = imaqmontage(...)


imaqmontage(frames) displays a montage of image frames in a MATLAB® figure window using the imagesc function.

frames can be any data set returned by getdata, peekdata, or getsnapshot.

imaqmontage(obj) calls the getsnapshot function on video input object obj and displays a single image frame in a MATLAB figure window using the imagesc function. obj must be a 1-by-1 video input object.

imaqmontage(...,CLIM) displays a montage of image frames, where CLIM is a two-element vector, [CLOW CHIGH], specifying the image scaling. Use CLIM to specify a scaling value when overscaling the image data is a risk, for example, when you are working with devices that provide data in a 12-bit format.

imaqmontage(..., 'CLim', CLIM, 'Parent', PARENT) where CLIM is as noted previously, and PARENT is a valid AXES object that allows you to specify where the montage is displayed. One or both property/value pairs can be specified. See the example below.

h = imaqmontage(...) returns a handle to an image object.


To get a list of options you can use on a function, press the Tab key after entering a function on the MATLAB command line. The list expands, and you can scroll to choose a property or value. For information about using this advanced tab completion feature, see Using Tab Completion for Functions.


Construct a video input object associated with a Matrox® device at ID 1.

obj = videoinput('matrox', 1);

Initiate an acquisition and access the logged data.

data = getdata(obj);

Create an axes object.

a = axes;

Display each image frame acquired on axes a.

imaqmontage(data, 'Parent', a);

Remove the video input object from memory.


Version History

Introduced before R2006a