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Stop video input object




stop(obj) halts an acquisition associated with the video input object obj. obj can be either a single video input object or an array of video input objects.

The stop function

  • Sets the object's Running property to 'Off'

  • Sets the object's Logging property to 'Off', if needed

  • Executes the object's StopFcn callback

An image acquisition object can also stop running under one of the following conditions:

  • The requested number of frames is acquired. This occurs when

    FramesAcquired = FramesPerTrigger * (TriggerRepeat + 1)

    where FramesAcquired, FramesPerTrigger, and TriggerRepeat are properties of the video input object.

  • A run-time error occurs.

  • The object's Timeout value is reached.

The stop event is recorded in the object's EventLog property.


The stop function can be called by a video input object's event callback.

obj.TimerFcn = {'stop'};

Version History

Introduced before R2006a