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Configure Connection in TCP/IP Explorer

After you select Configure TCP/IP Connection, the Configure tab opens. Set the following connection parameters for the TCP/IP server that you want to connect to.

  • Address — Server name or IP address.

  • Port — Server port, specified as a number between 1 and 65535, inclusive.

  • Connect Timeout — Allowed time in seconds to connect to the server, specified as a numeric value. This parameter specifies the maximum time to wait for a connection request to the specified server to succeed or fail.

  • Transfer Delay — Allow delayed acknowledgement from server. If this parameter is enabled, Nagle's algorithm is on and the client sends small segments of collected data in a single packet when acknowledgement (ACK) arrives from the server. If this parameter is disabled, Nagle's algorithm is off and the client immediately sends data to the network.

After you have specified values for these parameters, click Confirm Parameters. If the connection is successful, your TCP/IP Connection appears in the Device List.

Go back to device selection at any time by clicking Cancel.