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Hardware Support Packages

The Instrument Control Toolbox™ includes support packages that allow the use of certain classes of instruments. To use any of the instrument support outlined below, install the appropriate support package. See the topics listed in the table for information about the contents and installing that support package.

Support PackageContents and Installation
Aardvark I2C/SPI InterfaceUse the I2C or SPI interface with the Aardvark adaptor.

See Install the Total Phase Aardvark I2C/SPI Interface Support Package.

NI-845x I2C/SPI InterfaceUse the I2C or SPI interface with the NI-845x adaptor.

See Install the NI-845x I2C/SPI Interface Support Package.

NI-SCOPE Oscilloscopes Use to communicate with NI-SCOPE oscilloscopes. Acquire waveform data from the oscilloscope and control it.

See Install the NI-SCOPE Oscilloscopes Support Package.

NI-FGEN Function Generators Use to communicate with NI-FGEN function generators. Control and configure the function generator, and perform tasks such as generating sine waves.

See Install the NI-FGEN Function Generators Support Package.

NI-DCPower Power Supplies Use to communicate with NI-DCPower power supplies. Control and take digital measurements from a power supply, such as the NI PXI 4011 triple-output programmable DC power supply.

See Install the NI-DCPower Power Supplies Support Package.

NI-DMM Digital MultimetersUse to communicate with NI-DMM digital multimeters. Control and take measurements from a digital multimeter, such as measuring voltage or resistance.

See Install the NI-DMM Digital Multimeters Support Package.

NI-Switch Hardware Use to communicate with NI-Switch instruments. For example, control a relay box such as the NI PXI-2586 10-channel relay switch.

See Install the NI-Switch Hardware Support Package.

NI VISA and ICP InterfacesUse the Quick Control Oscilloscope and Quick Control Function Generator interfaces to communicate with and control oscilloscopes and function generators.

See Install the National Instruments VISA and ICP Interfaces Support Package.