mxArrayToString (C)

Array to string

C Syntax

#include "matrix.h"
char *mxArrayToString(const mxArray *array_ptr);



Pointer to mxCHAR array.


C-style string. Returns NULL on failure. Possible reasons for failure include out of memory and specifying an array that is not an mxCHAR array.


Call mxArrayToString to copy the character data of an mxCHAR array into a C-style string. The C-style string is always terminated with a NULL character and stored in column-major order.

If the array contains multiple rows, the rows are copied column-wise into a single array.

This function is similar to mxGetString, except that:

  • It does not require the length of the string as an input.

  • It supports both multi-byte and single-byte encoded characters. On Windows® and Linux® platforms, the user locale setting specifies the default encoding.


See these examples in matlabroot/extern/examples/mex:

See these examples in matlabroot/extern/examples/mx:

Introduced before R2006a