mxGetDimensions (C and Fortran)

Pointer to dimensions array

C Syntax

#include "matrix.h"
const mwSize *mxGetDimensions(const mxArray *pm);

Fortran Syntax

#include "fintrf.h"
mwPointer mxGetDimensions(pm)
mwPointer pm



Pointer to an mxArray.


Pointer to the first element in the dimensions array. Each integer in the dimensions array represents the number of elements in a particular dimension. The array is not NULL terminated.


Use mxGetDimensions to determine how many elements are in each dimension of the mxArray that pm points to. Call mxGetNumberOfDimensions to get the number of dimensions in the mxArray.

To copy the values to Fortran, use mxCopyPtrToInteger4 in the following manner:

C      Get dimensions of mxArray, pm
       mxCopyPtrToInteger4(mxGetDimensions(pm), dims,  
     +                      mxGetNumberOfDimensions(pm))


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Introduced before R2006a