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Call school Library Functions

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At the MATLAB® command prompt, type these commands to open documentation for the library in your help browser.

doc  %load the package
doc         %display package members

Call Library Functions

To call functionality in the school library, use the MATLAB clib package.


Once you use a library class or function, you cannot modify the library definition unless you restart MATLAB and rebuild the library.

Create a teacher and display the name.

t1 ='Ms. Jones',24);
Teacher name: Ms. Jones
ans = "Ms. Jones"

Share Interface

To give the interface to another MATLAB user, create a toolbox installation (.mltbx) file. Using the instructions in Distribute MATLAB Interface to C++ Library:

  • Set the toolbox folder to your school folder which contains the interface file schoolInterface.dll.

  • Identify the package name (calling syntax) as