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Functions Supported for Deployment

This table lists the Raspberry Pi® peripheral functions supported for deployment.

RaspiraspiCreate connection to Raspberry Pi hardware
LEDswriteLEDTurn LED on or off
GPIO PinsconfigurePinConfigure GPIO pin as digital input, digital output, or PWM output
readDigitalPinRead logical value from GPIO input pin
writeDigitalPinWrite logical value to GPIO output pin
I2C Interfacei2cdevCreate connection to I2C device
readRead data from I2C device
writeWrite data to I2C device
readRegisterRead from register on I2C device
writeRegisterWrite to register on I2C device
SPI InterfacespidevCreate connection to SPI device
writeReadWrite data to and read data from SPI device
Serial PortserialdevCreate connection to serial device
readRead data from serial device
writeWrite data to serial device
ServoservoCreate connection to servo motor
writePositionWrite position of servo motor
Linux®systemRun command in Linux shell on Raspberry Pi hardware
Camera BoardcameraboardCreate connection to Raspberry Pi camera board module
snapshotCapture RGB image from camera
recordRecord video from camera board
stopStop video recording from camera board
Sense HATsensehatCreate a Sense HAT object passing raspi object
readHumidityRead the humidity value from the Humidity sensor
readPressureRead the pressure value from the Air Pressure sensor
readTemperatureRead the temperature value from the Humidity sensor or the Air Pressure sensor
readAngularVelocityRead angular velocity measured by the gyroscope along x, y, and z axes
readAccelerationRead acceleration measured by the Accelerometer along x, y, and z axes
readMagneticFieldRead the magnetic field measured by the Magnetometer along the x, y and z axis
readJoystickRead the status of the joystick
displayImageDisplay an image on the Raspberry Pi hardware or on the LED Matrix of SenseHAT
writePixelWrite the specified color to an individual pixel at the specified column and row of LED Matrix
clearLEDMatrixClears the entire LED matrix and sets the all the pixels to blank ([0, 0, 0])
Web CamerawebcamCreate connection to Raspberry Pi web camera
snapshotCapture RGB image from camera
Pulse Width ModulationwritePWMFrequencyWrites PWM frequency to a GPIO pin
writePWMDutyCycleWrites PWM duty cycle to PWM pin
writePWMVoltageWrites average PWM voltage to a GPIO pin
DisplaydisplayImageDisplay an image on the Raspberry Pi hardware