Access Files

MATLAB® Drive™ operates like any other folder, with the significant advantage that files can be synced with any other MATLAB Drive folder, such as files in MATLAB Drive online or files on another computer that uses MATLAB Drive Connector.

Access MATLAB Drive

Access Files and Folders from...Action

Select MATLAB Drive in the current folder browser.

To make navigating to your MATLAB Drive easier, add a quick-access button for MATLAB Drive to the Toolbar (end users on Academic, Home, and Student licenses have this button enabled by default):

  1. Right-click the Toolbar, and select Customize to open the MATLAB Toolbar Preferences panel.

  2. Go to MATLAB > Toolbars.

  3. On the right-hand side, in Controls, select the Access MATLAB Drive files on this computer option.

  4. Click OK.

    MATLAB adds the button to the Toolbar.

To make MATLAB Drive your current folder at any time, click the MATLAB Drive button .

If MATLAB Drive Connector is installed but not running, click the MATLAB Drive button to start it.

Windows® File Explorer or macOS Finder

Click the MATLAB Drive icon .

MATLAB Drive ConnectorClick MATLAB Drive folder.
MATLAB Drive online
  • From within the Connector, click MATLAB Drive online

  • Using your internet browser, navigate to MATLAB Drive, and sign in with your MathWorks® credentials.

When you use MATLAB Drive online and attempt to navigate to a file or folder that does not exist, either by directly editing the URL or navigating with a saved bookmark, you are returned to the root folder of your MATLAB Drive.

Edit Files

When you edit a file in the MATLAB Drive folder, you are editing a local copy of the file. MATLAB Drive updates the files on the cloud with the changes you make locally. Because MATLAB Drive stores a local copy of files on each computer that has MATLAB Drive Connector installed, you can access these files when offline. File syncing resumes when MATLAB Drive Connector is running and an internet connection is available.

View Files Online

When using MATLAB Drive online, double-click any of the following to preview its contents:

  1. MATLAB files or Live Scripts

    When previewing MATLAB files or Live Scripts, you also have the option to open them in MATLAB Online™.

  2. Text, image, or audio files

  3. PDF (no PDF support in IE11)

You are prompted to download files that are too large or have file types that are unsupported for viewing online.

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