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For Instructors: Create Courses and Coding Problems

Set up and manage problems and courses in MATLAB® Grader™.

Create interactive course problems, automatically grade student work and provide feedback, and run your problems in any learning environment.

To get started:

  • Watch the Guided Tour video. Then, add a problem. When you add a problem, you can select an example problem that illustrates good practices for writing problems and creating assessments.

  • Review the Prerequisites for Instructors for important information about licenses and supported browsers.

  • Add Problem
    Add coding problems and write assessments to test learner solutions
  • Create Course
    Create courses hosted in MATLAB Grader
  • Run Course
    Invite students and additional instructors to your course in MATLAB Grader
  • Create Content in a Collection
    Organize problems outside of a course in collections
  • LMS Integration
    Add problems you create using MATLAB Grader to your Learning Management System (LMS) courses