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Power transmission, gear ratios

The Transmissions library provides subsystem templates for modeling geared transmission systems with four to nine speed settings. The templates use Simscape™ Driveline™ and Simscape blocks to represent the gears, clutches, and brakes of a transmission. An embedded Simulink® subsystem defines the clutch schedule for each transmission.

Simscape Blocks

4-Speed CR-CRClutch schedule for a four-speed carrier ring-carrier ring transmission
4-Speed RavigneauxClutch schedule for a four-speed Ravigneaux transmission
6-Speed LepelletierClutch schedule for a six-speed Lepelletier transmission
7-Speed LepelletierClutch schedule for a seven-speed Lepelletier transmission
8-SpeedClutch schedule for an eight-speed transmission
9-SpeedClutch schedule for a nine-speed transmission
10-SpeedClutch schedule for a 10-speed transmission


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