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Specify Operating Conditions

Available Operating Conditions

Agilent® P2D and S2D files contain simulation results at one or more operating conditions. Operating conditions define the independent parameter settings that are used when creating the file data. The specified conditions differ from file to file.

When you import component data from a .p2d or .s2d file, the object contains property values for several operating conditions. The available conditions depend on the data in the file. By default, RF Toolbox™ software defines the object behavior using the property values that correspond to the operating conditions that appear first in the file. To use other property values, you must select a different operating condition.

Set Operating Conditions

To set the operating conditions of a circuit or data object, use a setop command of the form:



  • is the handle of the circuit or data object.

  • Condition1,value1,...,ConditionN,valueN are the condition/value pairs that specify the operating condition.

For example,

setop(myp2d, 'BiasL', 2, 'BiasU', 6.3)

specifies an operating condition of BiasL = 2 and BiasU = 6.3 for myp2d.

Display Available Operating Condition Values

To display a list of available operating condition values for a circuit or data object, use the setop method.


displays the available values for all operating conditions of the object obj.


displays the available values for Condition1.

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