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Set a Template’s Properties

A conversion template’s properties allows the Report Explorer to keep track of the templates that you create. You can set the properties interactively or programmatically.

Set Template Properties Interactively

  1. In Report Explorer, select Tools > Edit Document Conversion Template to display the Report Explorer’s template library (if it is not already displayed).

  2. From the list of templates in the Report Explorer’s center pane, select the template whose properties you want to set. The template’s dialog appears in the right pane displaying the template’s current properties.

  3. In the dialog box, enter values for the template’s properties in the following fields:

    Template idUnique value used by the Report Explorer to identify this template.
    Display nameAppears in the drop-down list of templates in the Form and Report component dialogs.
    DescriptionDescribes this template’s purpose.
    CreatorSpecifies this template’s creator.
  4. To save the template properties you entered, click outside of the Report Explorer’s dialog pane.

Set Template Properties Programmatically

Use the DOM API’s mlreportgen.dom.Document.getCoreProperties and mlreportgen.dom.Document.setCoreProperties methods to get and set a conversion template’s properties. Set the template’s core properties as follows to correspond to the properties that appear on the template’s dialog in the Report Explorer:

Dialog PropertyCore Property
Template idIdentifier
Display nameTitle