Generating a System Design Description Report

This example shows you how to use Simulink® Report Generator™ to create a System Design Description report for a model. The report provides summary or detailed information about a system design represented by a Simulink model.

This example shows you how to generate a report called System Design Description. The Simulink Report Generator product creates the report automatically from a Simulink model that you choose. For instance, you can generate the System Design Description for the Simulink example model, sldemo_autotrans, which represents an automotive drivetrain. To open the example model, run the following command:


Open the System Design Description Dialog Box

From the Simulink model File menu, select Reports > System Design Description. The System Design Description dialog box opens.

Specify Report Options

In the System Design Description dialog box, you can adjust the layout and content of the report. Specify options that control the following:

  • Title page appearance

  • Report contents

  • Report file attributes

Generate the Report

To generate the report, in the System Design Description dialog box, click the Generate button. When the report is complete, an application associated with the specified report format displays the System Design Description.

Further Information

For more information about the content of the System Design Description, refer to "Understanding a System Design Description Report".