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Class: slreportgen.webview.WebViewDocument
Namespace: slreportgen.webview

Fill report holes




fill(wvdoc) fills the holes in the report generated by wvdoc. This method loops through the holes in the report’s template. For each hole, it determines if this object has a method named fillId(wvdoc), where Id is the id of the hole. If the method exists, this method invokes the method to fill the hole.

Input Arguments

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Web view document, specified as an slreportgen.webview.WebViewDocument object.


  • The default template specified by wvdoc contains a hole named slwebview. Thus invoking this method will invoke slreportgen.webview.WebViewDocument.fillslwebview to fill the hole with web views of the model(s) specified by wvdoc’s ExportOptions property.

  • This method allows you to fill holes in a custom template by deriving a class from slreportgen.webview.WebViewDocument and providing the derived class with fillId methods to fill the holes.