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Specify Export Options for Embedded Web View Reports

The slreportgen.webview.EmbeddedWebViewDocument base class of your report generator exports and embeds a Web View of the model specified by the constructor in the generated report. By default the base class does not export block diagrams referenced by the top-level model or block diagrams of masked subsystems. To export these types of block diagrams, you must use an ExportOptions property inherited from the base class of your generator. You use this property in the constructor of the generator.

For example, the following constructor includes the ExportOptions property. This property exports the block diagrams of masked subsystems and models and library blocks referenced by the exported model.

function rptvar = SystemDesignVariables...
      (reportName, modelName)           
    rptvarn.ExportOptions.IncludeMaskedSubsystems = true;
    rptvar.ExportOptions.IncludeSimulinkLibraryLinks = true;
    rptvar.ExportOptions.IncludeReferencedModels = true;

If you export referenced block diagrams, to view them, click the block icon that references the diagram in the Web View. You can also create hyperlinks from the generated report content to these block diagrams.

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