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target 命名空间



使用这些类来管理目标硬件和构建工具信息。例如,为代码生成注册新目标硬件,为外部模式和处理器在环 (PIL) 仿真设置目标连接,或为在开发计算机上编译生成的代码创建自定义 CMake 工具链定义。

target.AddOnDescribe add-on properties for target type
target.AliasCreate alternative identifier for target object
target.API描述 API 详细信息
target.APIImplementationDescribe API implementation details
target.ApplicationExecutionToolCapture system command information to run application from MATLAB computer
target.ApplicationStatusDescribe status of application on target hardware
target.BoardProvide hardware board details
target.Breakpoint 为调试器提供断点详细信息
target.BuildToolDescribe build tool
target.BuildToolTypeDescribe build tool type
target.CMakeSpecify CMake installation for building generated code
target.CMakeBuildTypeDescribe CMake build type or build configuration
target.CMakeBuilder Configure how CMake builds generated code
target.CMakeCacheEntryConfigure a CMake cache entry
target.Command捕获在 MATLAB 计算机上执行的系统命令
target.BuildDependenciesDescribe C and C++ build dependencies to associate with target hardware
target.CommunicationChannelDescribe communication channel properties
target.CommunicationInterfaceDescribe data I/O details for target hardware
target.CommunicationProtocolStackDescribe communication protocol parameters
target.ConnectionBase class for target connection properties
target.ConnectionPropertiesDescribe target-specific connection properties
target.DebugExecutionToolProvide MATLAB service interface for debugger to manage processes on target hardware
target.DebugIOToolDebug byte stream I/O tool service interface
target.DirectiveDescribe command-line flag for tool
target.EmulatorProvide target emulator details
target.EnvironmentConfigurationConfigure system environment for toolchain
target.ExecutionServiceDescribe implementation of execution service for target application
target.ExecutionToolMATLAB service interface for tool that manages application execution on target hardware
target.ExternalModeRepresent external mode protocol stack
target.ExternalModeConnectivityBase class for external mode connectivity options
target.FileTypeDefine identifier for file type
target.FloatingPointDataTypeDescribe floating point data type implemented by compiler for target hardware
target.FunctionProvide function signature information
target.HardwareComponentSupportDescribe support for a hardware component
target.HostProcessExecutionToolCapture system command information to run target application from MATLAB computer
target.LanguageImplementationProvide C and C++ compiler implementation details
target.MainFunctionProvide C and C++ dependencies for main function of target hardware application
target.MakefileBuilderSpecify that toolchain is makefile-based
target.MakeToolTypeDescribe syntax for makefile type
target.MATLABDependenciesDescribe MATLAB class and function dependencies
target.PairedDirectiveDescribe pair of command-line flags
target.PILProtocolDescribe PIL protocol implementation for target hardware
target.PortDescribe connection via target hardware port
target.PortConnectionDescribe target connection port
target.ProcessorProvide target processor information
target.ProfilingFreezingOverheadCapture freezing and unfreezing instrumentation overhead
target.ProfilingFunctionOverheadCapture function instrumentation overhead
target.ProfilingTaskOverheadCapture task instrumentation overhead
target.RepeatingDirectiveDescribe repeated command-line flag for tools
target.RS232ChannelDescribe serial communication channel
target.SystemCommandExecutionToolCapture system command information to run target application from MATLAB computer
target.TargetConnectionProvide details about connecting MATLAB computer to target hardware
target.TCPChannelDescribe TCP communication properties
target.TimerProvide timer details for processor
target.ToolchainCapture high-level information about toolchain
target.UDPChannel描述 UDP 通信
target.XCPDescribe XCP protocol stack for target hardware
target.XCPExternalModeConnectivityRepresent connectivity options in external mode protocol stack
target.XCPPlatformAbstractionSpecify XCP platform abstraction layer for target hardware
target.XCPTCPIPTransportRepresent XCP TCP/IP transport protocol layer
target.XCPTransportBase class for XCP transport protocol layer
target.XCPSerialTransportRepresent XCP serial transport protocol layer


target.addAdd target object to internal database
target.clearClear all target objects from internal database
target.createCreate target object
target.exportExport target object data
target.getRetrieve target objects from internal database
target.removeRemove target object from internal database
target.updateUpdate target objects in internal database
target.upgradeUpgrade existing definitions of hardware devices


在 R2019a 中推出