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Absolute error tolerance applied to state value during simulation


AbsoluteTolerance is a property of a SolverOptions object, which is a property of a Configset object. It is available for the ode solvers (ode15s, ode23t, ode45, and sundials).

SimBiology uses AbsoluteTolerance to determine the largest allowable absolute error at any step in a simulation. How the software uses AbsoluteTolerance to determine this error depends on whether the AbsoluteToleranceScaling property is enabled.

For details, see Selecting Absolute Tolerance and Relative Tolerance for Simulation.


Applies toObject: SolverOptions
Data typedouble
Data valuesPositive scalar. Default is 1e-6.


This example shows how to change AbsoluteTolerance.

  1. Retrieve the configset object from the modelObj.

    modelObj  = sbiomodel('cell');
    configsetObj = getconfigset(modelObj)
  2. Change the AbsoluteTolerance to 1e-8.

    set(configsetObj.SolverOptions, 'AbsoluteTolerance', 1.0e-8);
    get(configsetObj.SolverOptions, 'AbsoluteTolerance')
    ans =