Keyboard Shortcuts for SimBiology App

On Macintosh platforms, use the command key instead of Ctrl.

Shortcuts for the Diagram View

Select all blocksCtrl + A
Highlight block in the Table view or in the Browser if openCtrl + B
Copy blockCtrl + C
Duplicate blockCtrl + D
Paste blockCtrl + V
Print the diagramCtrl + P
Delete blockDelete
Move block up by 5 pixelsUp arrow
Move block down by 5 pixelsDown arrow
Move block left by 5 pixelsLeft arrow
Move block right by 5 pixelsRight arrow
Move block by 1 pixelCtrl + any arrow key
Move block by 10 pixelsCtrl + Shift + any arrow key
Pan the diagramShift + any arrow key
Zoom inCtrl + +
Zoom outCtrl +
Toggle selectionCtrl + I
Select the next cloned blockN
Select the previous cloned blockP
Move one or more blocks in a clockwise fashionShift + U
Move one or more blocks in an anti-clockwise fashionCtrl + Shift + U
Expand one or more blocks by increasing the distance between themShift + E
Collapse one or more blocks by decreasing the distance between themCtrl + E
Show usages of a quantityCtrl + Shift + F
Show search barCtrl + F

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