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Output options


Select options for generating additional output signal data for variable-step solvers.

Category: Data Import/Export


Default: Refine output

Refine output

Generates data output between, as well as at, simulation times steps. Use Refine factor to specify the number of points to generate between simulation time steps. For more information, see Refine Output.

Produce additional output

Generates additional output at specified times. Use Output times to specify the simulation times at which Simulink® software generates additional output.

Produce specified output only

Use Output times to specify the simulation times at which Simulink generates output, in addition to the simulation start and stop times.


  • These settings can force the solver to calculate output values for times that it would otherwise have omitted because the calculations were not needed to achieve accurate simulation results. These extra calculations can cause the solver to locate zero crossings that it would otherwise have missed.

  • For additional information on how Simulink software calculates outputs for these three options, see Samples to Export for Variable-Step Solvers.

  • Do not use a variable name that is the same as a Simulink.SimulationOutput object function name or property name.


This parameter is enabled only if the model specifies a variable-step solver (see Solver Type).

Selecting Refine output enables the Refine factor parameter.

Selecting Produce additional output or Produce specified output only enables the Output times parameter.

Programmatic Use

Parameter: OutputOption
Value: 'RefineOutputTimes' | 'AdditionalOutputTimes' | 'SpecifiedOutputTimes'
Default: 'RefineOutputTimes'

Recommended Settings

DebuggingNo impact
TraceabilityNo impact
EfficiencyNo recommendation
Safety precautionNo recommendation

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