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cgsl_0301: Prioritization of code generation objectives for code efficiency

ID: Titlecgsl_0301: Prioritization of code generation objectives for code efficiency
DescriptionPrioritize code generation objectives for code efficiency by using the Code Generation Advisor.
AAssign priorities to code (ROM, RAM, and Execution efficiency) efficiency objectives.
BSelect the relative order of ROM, RAM, and Execution efficiency based on application requirements.
CConfigure the Code Generation Advisor to run before generating code by setting the Check model before generating code configuration parameter to On (proceed with warnings) or On (stop for warnings).

A model's configuration parameters provide control over many aspects of generated code. The prioritization of objectives specifies how configuration parameters are set when conflicts between objectives occur.

Prioritizing code efficiency objectives above safety objectives may remove initialization or run-time protection code (for example, saturation range checking for signals out of representable range). Review the resulting parameter configurations to verify that safety requirements are met.

RationaleA, B, CWhen you use the Code Generation Advisor, configuration parameters conform to the objectives that you want and they are consistently enforced.
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Last ChangedR2015b