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Two-Way Connection

Two-way connector port for subsystem


Powertrain Blockset / Utilities / Simscape

Vehicle Dynamics Blockset / Utilities / Simscape

  • Two-Way Connection block


The Two-Way Connection block has a two-way connector port, which transports Simulink® signals both ways. Consider using the block to:

  • Reduce number of port connections.

  • Represent Simulink block inputs and feedback as a single physical connection.

To implement, connect the two-way connector port to another two-way connector port.

The connection transports the signals.

  • Signal1 – First Two-Way Connection block input port to second Two-Way Connection block output port

  • Signal2 – Second Two-Way Connection block input port to first Two-Way Connection block output port

The Two-Way Connection block supports invariant model architecture for top-down or bottom-up design. It lets you build subsystems as Simulink models, based on signals, and then connect them as if they are physical systems. Place the Two-Way Connection blocks inside the subsystem and connect them to the Connection Port (Simscape) blocks. Then the ports on the subsystem boundary appear as two-way connector ports .


The Powertrain Blockset™ and Vehicle Dynamics Blockset™ blocks may include a Port Configuration parameter option allowing you to specify Two-way connection or Simulink connections. Although the connections look different, the blocks function the same with either configuration.


The block has a Simulink input port, a Simulink output port, and a two-way connector port.


  • You cannot connect Two-Way Connection blocks across nonvirtual subsystems.

Version History

Introduced in R2007a