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Discrete state size, data type, and complexity


[size,dataType,complexity] = getDiscreteStateSpecificationImpl(obj,propertyName)


[size,dataType,complexity] = getDiscreteStateSpecificationImpl(obj,propertyName) returns the size, data type, and complexity of the discrete state property. This property must be a discrete state property. You must define this method if your System object™ has discrete state properties and is used in the MATLAB System block.

Run-Time Details

getDiscreteStateSpecificationImpl is called by the MATLAB System block during Simulink® model compilation.

Method Authoring Tips

  • You must set Access = protected for this method.

  • You cannot modify any properties in this method.

Input Arguments

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System object handle used to access properties, states, and methods specific to the object. If your getDiscreteStateSpecificationImpl method does not use the object, you can replace this input with ~.

Name of discrete state property of the System object

Output Arguments

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Vector containing the length of each dimension of the property.

Data type of the property. For built-in data types, dataType is a character vector. For fixed-point data types, dataType is a numeric type object.

Complexity of the property as a scalar, logical value:

  • true — complex

  • false — real


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Specify in your class definition file the size, data type, and complexity of a discrete state property.

methods (Access = protected)
   function [sz,dt,cp] = getDiscreteStateSpecificationImpl(~,name)
      sz = [1 1];
      dt = "double";
      cp = false;

Version History

Introduced in R2013b