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Fixed point data type tab visibility for System objects


flag = showFiSettingsImpl


flag = showFiSettingsImpl specifies whether the Data Types tab appears on the MATLAB® System block dialog box. The Data Types tab includes parameters to control processing of fixed point data the MATLAB System block. You cannot specify which parameters appear on the tab. If you implement showFiSettingsImpl, the simulation mode is set to code generation.

The parameters that appear on the Data Types tab, which cannot be customized, are:

  • Saturate on integer overflow — a check box to control the action to take on integer overflow for built-in integer types. The default is that the box is checked, which indicates to saturate. This is also the default for when Same as MATLAB is selected as the MATLAB System fimath option.

  • Treat these inherited Simulink signal types as fi objects — a pull down that indicates which inherited data types to treat as fi data types. Valid options are:

    • Fixed point (default)

    • Fixed point & integer

  • MATLAB System fimath has two radio button options:

    • Same as MATLAB (default) — uses the current MATLAB fixed-point math settings.

    • Specify Other — enables the edit box for specifying the desired fixed-point math settings.

    For information on setting fixed-point math, see fimath (Fixed-Point Designer).

Run-Time Details

showFiSettingsImpl is called by the MATLAB System block. For more information, see Simulink Engine Phases Mapped to System Object Methods.

Method Authoring Tips

  • If you do not want to display the tab, you do not need to implement this method in your class definition file.

  • You must set Access = protected for this method.

Output Arguments

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Flag indicating whether to display the Data Types tab on the MATLAB System block mask, returned as a logical scalar value. Returning a true value displays the tab. A false value does not display the tab.


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Show the Data Types tab on the MATLAB System block dialog box.

methods (Static, Access = protected)
   function isVisible = showFiSettingsImpl
     isVisible = true;

If you set the flag, isVisible, to true, the tab appears as follows when you add the object to Simulink® with the MATLAB System block.

Version History

Introduced in R2016a