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Visualize Lookup Tables Visualized Through Lookup Table Control

If you use the Lookup Table Control to visualize and edit N-dimensional lookup table data in mask dialogs, the Lookup Table Editor can display these tables without registration. For example, the slexMaskLookupTableControlExample model has multiple custom lookup tables.

  1. Open the model.

  2. Open the Lookup Table Editor for the 2-D Table Lookup Table S-Function lookup table.

    lookupTableEditor('slexMaskLookupTableControlExample/2-D Table Lookup S-Function')
  3. In the Lookup Table Blocks hierarchy pane, expand 2-D Table Lookup S-Function.

    2-D Table Look S-Function expander icon in Lookup Table Editor hierarchy pane

  4. In the hierarchy pane, click fuelflowmap.

    Custom 2-D Table Look S-Function lookup table.

  5. Compare this Lookup Table Editor view with the custom lookup table block.

    Custom 2-D Table Look S-Function lookup table in associated block mask.

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