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Import Lookup Table Data from Excel

This example shows how to use the MATLAB xlsread function in a Simulink model to import data into a lookup table.

  1. Save the Excel® file in a folder on the MATLAB® path.

  2. Open the model containing the lookup table block and in the Modeling tab, select Model Settings.

  3. In the Model Properties dialog box, in the Callbacks tab, click PostLoadFcn callback in the model callbacks list.

  4. Enter the code to import the Excel Spreadsheet data in the text box. Use the MATLAB xlsread function, as shown in this example for a 2-D lookup table.

    % Import the data from Excel for a lookup table
    data = xlsread('MySpreadsheet','Sheet1');
    % Row indices for lookup table
    breakpoints1 = data(2:end,1)';
    % Column indices for lookup table
    breakpoints2 = data(1,2:end);
    % Output values for lookup table
    table_data = data(2:end,2:end);

  5. Click OK.

After you save your changes, the next time you open the model, Simulink® invokes the callback and imports the data.

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