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Perform a Quick Scan Diagnosis

Quick Scan is a fast method to diagnose settings in a model and deliver an approximate analysis of performance. A model can compile and simulate several times during a normal run in Performance Advisor. Quick Scan enables you to review performance issues without compiling or changing the model or validating any fixes. In models with long compile times, use Quick Scan to get a rapid analysis of possible improvements.

When you perform a Quick Scan diagnosis, Performance Advisor

  • Does not perform a baseline measurement.

  • Does not automatically apply advice to the model.

  • Does not validate any changes you make to the model.

  • Does not time out if the Quick Scan diagnosis takes longer than the Time Out duration you specify.

Run Quick Scan on a Model

  1. Select checks to run.


    If you are unsure of which checks apply, you can select and run all checks. After you see the results, clear the checks you are not interested in.

    • In the left pane of Performance Advisor, expand a folder, such as Simulation or Simulation Targets, to display checks related to specific tasks.

    • In the folder, select the checks you want to run using the check boxes.

  2. Select the Show report after run check box to display the results of the checks after they run.

  3. Click Quick Scan on the right pane.

Checks in Quick Scan Mode

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