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Promote Block Parameters on a Mask

You can use Parameter Promotion to promote any underlying parameter of a block either to a block mask or to a subsystem mask. This model contains a subsystem that has 3 Gain blocks ( Gain1, Gain2, and *Gain3 ). The variable K represents the Gain parameter for these Gain blocks. You can promote only the Gain parameter of each of these Gain blocks to the block mask as a single parameter. When you do so, the parameter K is available on the mask for editing and its value will be applied to Gain1 , Gain2 , and Gain3 blocks.

  1. Select the Subsystem block.

  2. On the Subsystem Block tab, in the Mask group, click Create Mask/Edit Mask.

  3. In the Mask Editor dialog box, click the Parameters & Dialog tab.

  4. In the Controls pane, click Promote .

  5. In the Property editor pane, Type options field, click

  6. In the Promoted Parameter Selector dialog box, select Gain1 .

  7. Select Gain from the Promotable parameters table and click the Add to promoted parameter list button. Similarly, add Gain parameter for Gain2.

  8. Click OK .

  9. In the Mask Editor dialog box, edit the prompt names for the Gain parameter. Here the Prompt used is Common gain .

  10. Click OK to finish creating subsystem mask with many-to-one promotion.

  11. Simulate the model. Notice that the value 4 is passed from the mask to the underlying block Gain1, Gain2 , and Gain3 . In this case, the output shows 64.