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What Is Dependency Analysis?

Every design, whether it is a Simulink® model or a project, requires a set of files and products to run successfully. Dependencies include data files, model references, linked libraries, MATLAB® and C/C++ code, Stateflow® charts, and requirements documents.

Dependency Analysis for Projects

You perform a dependency analysis to analyze project structure and discover required files and products. You can use the dependency graph to identify all required files and products, and perform an impact analysis.

On the Project tab, click the down arrow to expand the Tools gallery. Under Apps, click Dependency Analyzer. For more details, see Run a Dependency Analysis.

With the Dependency Analyzer, you can:


For an example showing how to perform file-level impact analysis to find and run the tests affected by modified files, see Perform Impact Analysis with a Project.

Dependency Analysis for Models

You perform a dependency analysis to examine models, subsystems, and libraries referenced directly or indirectly by the model. You can use the dependency graph to identify all required files and products.

On the Modeling tab, on the far right of the Design section, click the arrow. Under Dependencies, click Dependency Analyzer.

  • You can explore model dependencies using the model hierarchy or the model instances views. For more details, see Analyze Model Dependencies.

  • To package, share, or put your design under source control, create a project from your model. For more details, see Create a Project from a Model. Perform a project dependency analysis to explore the dependency graph using source control and project-specific views.

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