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Compute impedance versus frequency of Impedance Measurement blocks of model


Zdata = power_zmeter('sys',freq)


power_zmeter('sys') opens the Impedance Measurement Tool app to display the impedance versus frequency defined by the Impedance Measurement blocks. This app can also be activated from the powergui block by selecting Impedance Measurement.

Zdata = power_zmeter('sys',freq) returns a structure that contains a list of Impedance Measurement blocks and computed impedances versus frequency for the specified frequency range. For example:

Zdata = power_zmeter('power_gui',logspace(0,3,500))
Zdata = 

    Blocks: {[1x23 char]  'power_gui/Impedance B1'} 
         Z: [500x2 double] 
      Freq: [500x1 double]