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Single Phase Dynamic Load Block

This example shows a single-phase dynamic load block built with Simulink® blocks.

Graham Dudgeon, Senior Consultant, The MathWorks, Inc.


Look under the mask of the custom-built Single-Phase Dynamic Load block and observe the three systems. The 'Measurement System' consist of the voltage measurement blocks which convert the Specialized Power Systems signal into Simulink signal. The 'Simulink System Model', contains the core functionality of the Single-Phase Dynamic Load block. Lastly, the 'Current Injection System' contains the controlled current source blocks which convert Simulink signals into Simscape™ Electrical™ Specialized Power Systems signals.

In general, measurement blocks (voltage/current/impedance) serve as an interface between Specialized Power Systems and Simulink, and controlled source blocks (voltage/current) between Simulink and Specialized Power Systems. This is the recommended template for interfacing custom-built blocks in Simulink, with Simscape Electrical Specialized Power Systems.


1. The Single-Phase Dynamic Load block is modeled as a current source, it cannot be connected to an inductive network, or to another current source. Therefore, a small resistive load (10 Kw) has been added in parallel with the dynamic load.

2. The Machine Initialisation tool and the Load Flow tool of Powergui block cannot be used to initialize the Single-Phase Dynamic Load model.

3. The Single-Phase Dynamic Load block cannot be used with the Phasor simulation type mode of the Powergui.