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qrandstream 类



qrandstreamConstruct quasi-random number stream


addlistenerAdd listener for event
deleteDelete handle object
dispDisplay qrandstream object
eqTest handle equality
findobjFind objects matching specified conditions
findpropFind property of MATLAB handle object
geGreater than or equal relation for handles
gtGreater than relation for handles
isvalidTest handle validity
leLess than or equal relation for handles
ltLess than relation for handles
neNot equal relation for handles
notifyNotify listeners of event
qrandGenerate quasi-random points from stream
randGenerate quasi-random points from stream
resetReset state


PointSetPoint set from which stream is drawn
StateCurrent state of the stream


句柄。要了解这对类的使用有何影响,请参阅 MATLAB® 面向对象编程文档中的比较句柄和值类