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Add AXI master IP path to Quartus project




setupAXIMasterForQuartus(projectName) adds the MATLAB® AXI master IP folder to the path of the Quartus® project, projectName.

setupAXIMasterForQuartus() displays the location of the MATLAB AXI master IP that is included with this support package.


Add MATLAB AXI Master IP to FPGA Project

Call the setup function with a project file name. If the project is not in the current working folder, include the path.


The location of the MATLAB AXI master IP is added to your project IP search path.

Find Location of MATLAB AXI Master IP

To find the folder in your MATLAB installation that contains the MATLAB AXI master IP, call the setup function without a project file name.

The Quartus project was not specified. You can manually add...
C:\Program Files\MATLAB\R2017a\toolbox\hdlverifier\supportpackages\altera\+hdlverifier\+fpga\+quartus\+MATLABasAXIMaster...
to the IP search path setting of your Qsys file.
To use the IP, add this path to your FPGA project.

Input Arguments

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File name of an existing Quartus project. This function modifies the project to add the location of the MATLAB AXI master IP to the IP search path. If you do not specify this argument, the function displays the path to the MATLAB AXI master IP.

Introduced in R2017a